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Find Adult Day Care Options Near Me

Updated: May 31, 2023

Are you looking for adult day care options near you?

If so, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to find the best senior day care center for your needs. We'll discuss the different types of adult day care services available, as well as the cost and benefits of each. We'll also provide tips on how to choose the right day care center for your loved one, and offer suggestions on where to find financial assistance. So whether you're looking for a day care center that offers specialized medical services or just a place to socialize and have fun, we've got you covered!

The love and loyalty we have for our aging parents is displayed in so many ways, from cooking them meals to taking care of their daily needs. But no matter what you do it will never seem enough because there's always an additional burden when caring about someone who can't take care of themselves. As difficult as this task may sound at times - especially if they are not insured or financially capable- everyone has some empathy deep down inside him/herself which means that even though your heart might feel heavy due to all the stress involved with providing assistance during advanced stages. Elder Daycare is a godsend for those who need care but can't afford it. The service provides round-the-clock assistance with elderly loved ones in a secure environment, allowing you and other family members to focus on other aspects of your life while still getting quality time alone together!

What Is Adult Day Care?

Adult daycare is an activity program planned in a caring environment for older people who are alone or have limited supervision during the day. (Normal business hours.) The adult daycare center is a safe haven for seniors who need assistance with daily life tasks, medical treatment, or other health-related services. It provides family caregivers an opportunity to take care of their loved ones without having them home alone all day long while also allowing these individuals socialization opportunities that would otherwise be denied due to the geographical limitations they face in retirement communities. Services provided vary from facility to facility, based on the level of physical, social, and emotional required.

Disabled senior getting social and emotional support in adult day care

Facts About Adult Day Care Centers for Adults

About 70% are based on nonprofit or public operations, versus 22% based on nonprofits. 77% of adult day centers are affiliated with large organizations including hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, and other senior organizations. Adult day center caregivers are typically aged 72. Two-thirds were women. Nearly 80.9% of adult daycare facilities employ nurse staff members. Approximately 35 percent of senior adults in adult daycare live with their adult children, whereas 20% are married, with 18% of them in institutional settings. 13% live independently of a parent.

What Kind of Adult Day Care Services and Amenities Are Provided?

Although individual programs offer different meals for adults, they usually offer a tasty midday meal for your friend or relative while they socialize with other seniors. These centers also usually host several engaging events or activities that range from fashion shows and holiday and birthday celebrations to trivia games, painting, and group conversation. Many programs offer music or film and excursions at libraries, museums, parks, and other local attractions. At Almost Home Las Vegas, we offer transportation services to these and many other community-based services. Most also provide exercise programs tailored to individual needs. Some classes can incorporate exercises such as dancing, or some focus on stretching or sitting. Many centers offer health care services such as:

  • Speech therapy

  • Therapeutic services

  • Mental health services

  • Emotional support

  • Assistance with personal care and activities of daily living (ADL's)

  • Blood pressure monitoring

Disabled senior in wheelchair getting help at an adult day care Las Vegas

A Typical Day In Adult Day Health Care.

An Adult Day Care Center's goals will be based on providing a positive learning environment and enhancing participants' abilities and strengths. The facilities differ in features, however, most of them include social activities. Activities tend to be customized to participant abilities and health conditions however can cover such activities as crafts, musical performances & song-alongs, mental stimulation games including Bingo and stretching exercises, and discussions of books, films, or other media. There is no universal adult day care program. The choice of which program will meet each person's unique needs depends on the person. A typical day in an adult day care center could look like this... Your friend or loved one may spend the morning doing cognitive stimulation activities like board games or jigsaw puzzles. Afterward, they could consult with an experienced psychiatrist before a meal, and then they could play memory training activities.

What Are The Benefits of Adult Day Care Programs?

Do you have any concerns regarding day care for your loved one? I'm going to show you a couple of things that you can enjoy.

Respite from caregiving

Sometimes caring for a sick person who is suffering from a serious illness like pancreatic cancer causes caregiver burnout. Adult Day Service may reduce stress, worry, and fatigue associated with caregiving.

As a primary caregiver, you won't have to worry about your loved one and you can have regular working hours. You will be able to take your time and do things that you enjoy. Alternatively, the family member who enjoys supervised daycare can feel happier, which will be easier to care for while he or she is home.

Cure for Aimlessness

Retirements have been known as curses for older people who don't have the right excuses to leave home. As the days bleed together and the weeks go on life can easily become stale, causing anything from a lack of nutrients to depression, to a higher probability of dementia. Daily, and sometimes weekly, trips to the daycare for adults are an excellent way to establish a new routine and give the family a good reason to get up and move in.

Additional Access To Crucial Services

Thanks to Medicare, most older adults receive some kind of healthcare once at age 65, but this does not necessarily mean obtaining health care immediately. and this can especially be difficult for older adults with mobility problems. An adult day program with medical services can assist seniors in managing many medical problems. Medicare is a great program for seniors, but it does not always mean that they will be able to receive health care right away. This can become an issue if someone has mobility problems and needs help managing their condition without having people come into contact often or needing constant attention on-hand at all times which may take up time from other things in life like work responsibilities etcetera! The solution? An adult day program offers medical services as well so you don't need any additional worries about your parent's wellbeing while there - just make sure he/she keeps himself busy during these sessions by engaging him constantly with new activities.

Remedy For Boredom

The best thing about a day care is that it allows aging adults to take part in exciting activities with other people their own age, while also providing them with the opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Adult day care can also provide much-needed respite for caregivers who are juggling work and family obligations, as well as caregiving duties.

An Antidote To Loneliness

Another good reason to take a day care is to meet new friends and have an open dialogue. Senior people with few friends outside the immediate family experience loneliness. Social isolation has also been linked with dementia, reduced infection resistance, and a higher rate of hospitalization. img

How Much Does Adult Daycare Cost?

For the most part, adult daycare isn't inexpensive. Although costs vary depending upon where the country is located, the national average is approximately $1,400 per week. The costs of ADHC and dementia centers are generally higher. Adult's Day Service is incredibly affordable compared to the 98-per-diem nursing home. New evidence reveals that adult daycare may increase the health and happiness of the participants in their daily lives. Provide excellent caregiver health and help reduce the burdens of role-overloading anxiety, anger, and depression. However, it can be expensive for many households. Adult Day Care provides seniors the opportunity to age in a comfortable way and also costs less than assisted and homecare options.

A family member who lives with the person can also qualify for a reimbursement program. . More info about adult daycare costs can be found on

Ways To Cover Adult Day Care Costs


Medicaid provides adult and/ or adult day medical care. These are particularly relevant if someone requires nursing home care at any point in time. Generally speaking, the HCBS is able to provide Medicaid waivers in some states and, if necessary, 1915c waivers may be able to help with the costs of nursing home care.

A waiver allows a person to stay in the comfort of his home or community and provides the necessary assistance. This includes adult daycare and transportation assistance for local residents and their families.

Veterans Benefits

Adult Day Care services are provided through Veterans Health Administration's medical benefit packages. Nonetheless, the participant cannot just enroll. The first is a clinical need to have care provided at adult daycare centers. Unlike other VAs, they are not required to provide the full cost. Based on an individual's financial resources and needs, a copayment may be necessary. Pension plans for Veterans Specific Pension plans like Aid & Attendance are intended largely for disabled veterans.

Medicare's Advantage Program

Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage programs provide seniors with another method of accessing Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans are offered through an insurer and often have additional advantages not offered through traditional Medicare. Find out more info here.

Senior getting basic health care services by a senior care specialist

Is Adult Day Care Right for My Loved One?

Adult daycare is generally the best choice for the elderly who have difficulty functioning alone and socializing. Healthy, energetic seniors who drive or manage everyday duties may find social day care too restrictive or unnecessary for a day care facility. If you are unable to care for your loved one anymore, adult day care might help. Overall, choosing adult day care provides the ideal solution for caregivers who don't want to be transitioned to a full-service care facility.

Adult Day Care vs. Other Senior Living Options

In adult day care seniors come to their house after each day. Moreover, as adult day care providers seniors are given most of their independence. These people are bedridden and there is no emergency 24/7 medical service available. Daycare facilities have a social aspect owing to group characteristics as well. It is different from home elder care, where older adults have limited social interaction. Senior care is also a cheaper option (although still expensive) because it provides fewer impacts.

Adult Day Care vs. Assisted Living

Assistive living is a residential senior living option for older individuals who need supervision for daily activities like cooking, housekeeping, or bathing. In the arrangement, the senior often lives in private or semi-private rooms inside the complex. Prices usually include three meals a day that can be served in shared dining rooms and social gathering spaces. Many communities also have amenities at their disposal, including a fitness room, pool, spa, beauty salon, pharmacy, and computer.

Adult Day Care vs. In-Home Care

With in-home care (homecare), an assistant visits the home to help with everyday tasks like eating, grooming, light housekeeping, grocery buying, meal preparation, and medication reminders. If someone needs more help as recommended by their doctors, home health nurses, physical therapists, and qualified health aides are available at home. The caregiver can also provide the caregiver for a child with a disability or a disability at any point.

Adult Day Care vs. Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing care at an assisted-living facility is the most expensive and most medically supported option. Though it may be the most popular option in most cases, nursing homes may be the best option for someone in the last phases or when a symptom is severe – a physical cognitive limitation. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of providing 24hr healthcare, nursing homes are the best choice for your elderly parent.

Choosing the right adult day care center

The National Adult Day Services Association is a national organization that helps seniors and families identify specific services and support services. Is a daycare participant's social life an important factor? Can you walk, eat or take medication if needed? How is your brain responding? What are your exercises? Are caregivers really needed? Have You Had Time? How do we transport our vehicles? If answered this way you could decide on which adult day care center would provide the best service for you.

How to choose the Best Senior Day Care Center?

When deciding between senior day care centers, our staff suggests visiting them in person. Look at the overall atmosphere of the workplace as well as social interactions with participants. Tell each institution what you want to know about it to assist you in your decision, it might be helpful when you study.

Give a list of services offered at any one center you'll be looking at. Make sure all services available are ranked prior to their use. Below you can view some examples of tables that are worth considering.

Ask These Questions to Adult Day Cares Centers that your Loved One is Considering Attending Such As This:

- What are the staff-to-patient ratios?

- What are the center's credentials?

- What is the average length of stay for patients?

- What type of activities do patients take part in?

- Do you have a registered nurse on staff at all times?

- What is your policy on medication administration?

- Do you have any dietary restrictions? Are special diets accommodated?

- What are the center's visiting hours?

- Are there any religious or spiritual activities offered?

- What is your policy on bed sores?

- How often do patients receive baths/showers?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask an adult daycare provider before making a decision.

The most important thing is that you find a center that your loved one will be happy with and feel comfortable attending. With so many great options out there, you're sure to find the perfect fit!


There are many factors to consider when choosing an adult day care center for your loved one. With so many great options available, it is important to find a center that your loved one will be happy with and feel comfortable attending.

The most important thing is that you find a center that meets your loved one's needs and provides the level of care that they require. With so many great options available, you're sure to find the perfect fit!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to Contact US. We are always happy to help!

Thank you for considering us as your source for finding adult day care options near me. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you will continue to use us as a resource in the future. Thank you!


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